Work It Wednesday

Hi friends!  Today I'm linking up with Katie from Queen of the First Grade Jungle for her Work It Wednesday.  I'm linking up because I really need some motivation!  Badly y'all!  I was doing super great and then I had to take a two week break due to having some stitches on my upper back and now I'm.....out of the habit of working out.  There I said it....the hardest part is admitting there is a problem.  The next step is fixing the problem.  Here is how I'm going to fix it...

Get out more!!  I have two very active little boys that love to go for bike rides and play outside.  My goal is to join them.  I'll walk while they ride their bikes.  Plus, they won't be little for long so I need to take advantage of it now.

Attend 5 Jazzercise classes a week!  I can do it too!  Back in February, I attended 30 classes in 35 days and I earned this t-shirt.  I know I can do it again.  Plus, summer is so fun because I can go to morning classes and also pick the type of class that I want to go to.  I've learned that Fusion and Strength 60 are more of a challenge for me and that makes them even more fun!!

Join Rachelle from For Blogness' Sake! for her 3 weeks No Cheats.  You can read more about the challenge and find the template HERE on her blog.  My goal is no fried food for 3 weeks and hopefully longer.  I need to kick the habit.

Now it's your turn to go link up and share your fitness goals or routine.  You can click HERE to head to Katie's blog and link up.


  1. How cute is that little guy on the trike?! I've thought about Jazzercise but am afraid I'm too much of a klutz. I have visions of going left when everyone goes right and knocking down a row of! Thanks for such a motivational post :)

  2. Love your goals! I need to up my workout frequency this summer, too. Enjoy the time moving with your littles.


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