Hey y'all!  If you are anything like me, then your teaching resources wishlist is so so LONG! I'm always finding new resources that I want to purchase. The struggle can be so real!! Today, I want to make your teacher life easier by sharing with you three resources that will help with organization and your reading instruction. These three resources are a favorite amoung so many teachers and I can't wait to share them with you guys! Be sure to let me know which resource is a must have for you.       

I created this set of flap journals as a need arose in my classroom for my second graders to respond to more texts.  I thought it would be fun to have a little journal for the books that they were reading.  Since then, I have created more sets to fit in with author studies but the fiction one is still my favorite set because you can use it with any book. I also added a Google Drive edition that allows you to upload the flap journals into Google Classroom. It is such a time saver and allows for easy student responses to the texts that they are reading.

I always struggled to find the balance between providing equal amounts of fiction and nonfiction texts. I noticed that we were reading more fiction books in my guided reading small groups and my students were begging me for more nonfiction reads. One of the first sets of nonfiction readers that I created for my students were these Arctic Animals informational texts. These texts were a big interest and my second graders LOVED them. I also have a Google Drive edition of these texts and activities that you can upload to Google Classroom.

This was one of the first products that I created and put in my store.  I love being organized and transportation was where I needed help organizing.  I'm always worried that a student will change transportation and I would accidentally send them home the wrong way. Is anyone else worried about this? When I introduced this ribbon display, my students and myself could easily unclip their name and move it if their transportation had changed for the day. This resources let's you easily manage dismisal and it can take away so much stress. Plus, chevron and chalkboard is still my fav!

Are you ready to put some of these resources on your wishlist? Head over to The Learning Chambers on TpT and feel free to share any questions that you have about implementation in the comments below.
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