Happy fall y'all!  It's still pretty hot here in Texas but I'm so looking forward to some fall weather.  To celebrate the first official day of fall, I'm joining Stephanie from Mrs. D's Corner for a primary blog hop.  Make sure you hop through all the blogs because you can grab some pretty awesome fall freebies.

Make sure you click on the button below to head to the next stop in the hop.  Kelsey from Aloha to Second has a pretty awesome freebie in store for you.

Hey y'all!  Are you tired?  I'm tired!  But....I'm super super SUPER excited to bring you some ideas and a freebie for back to school.  Make sure you read to the end of this post and then hop through the other Elementary Entourage members' blogs to grab some other ideas and freebies.

Last week was my first week of school and I worked really hard to build a community with my new students.  One of the things that my kids LOVED was playing snowball games.  I decided to integrate some math facts and came up with this Addition Snowball game.

This is a super simple activity and super low-prep!  All you need is notebook paper or white paper and markers.  We folded our papers into fourths and then traced the lines.  We worked in partners and the kids wrote an addition fact.  Then they crumbled up their paper into a snowball and we tossed our snowballs into the center.  After we tossed the snowballs, they grabbed another snowball to open.  The kids answered the math fact and then wrote a new addition fact and repeated the steps.  The different colors of markers really helped me quickly see who knows their math facts and who needs some small group support.

Another thing that I can't wait to share with you guys is my writing center supply buckets!  Aren't they super cute?!?!  I LOVE new school supplies and labeling things!!

Speaking of labeling things, it's time for my freebie for you guys.....

I included this set of blue stripes number labels...

And this super cute set of mixed patterns number labels...

Click on the labels above to grab your freebie!

Happy back to school friends!  I hope that you have an awesome start to this school year!  I know this year will be AMAZINGLY awesome!!

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