Integrating coding into the classroom can be a little intimidating at times .... but with the right websites and content, it can be very engaging for your students. I wanted to write this blog post to share my top favorite websites to use with my students. These websites are all FREE ... and they work great for students in grades 3-5. (*Note - The third website is free for the first 30 days and after the trial is over, it is a paid website.)

Scratch is my classes' favorite coding website. It is a free website developed by the MIT Media Lab. It uses a block based coding language and it allows your students to create their own projects.

You can setup a teacher account for free and then setup student accounts under your class. My students create scratch projects in my class often. This past week my students read an article from Newsela in a station and then they created a Scratch project retelling five important facts from the article. I also use it for enrichment in math.

If you are ready to really challenge your students when it comes to coding, I suggest introducing them to Python programming language. I use with my students because it is web based and you can actually code with several different programming languages. I use it with both Python language and also Python Turtle Graphics. If your school district is a Google district, your students can log in with their Google information and save their work.

My students really love to use Python Turtle Graphics to code different shapes. They create a design using different shapes and written lines of code. The possibilities are endless and would be great for any geometry lesson. 

I am planning on writing a blog post just about Python Turtle Graphics, so it will be coming out very soon.

The last website that I recommend is Code Monkey. The students complete different challenges to help the monkey get his bananas back from the guerilla. The guerilla steals the monkey's bananas and the goal is to get them all back. The students are able to use logic, measurement and problem solving to help the monkey through each level. 

The website has changed a little since last year. In the past, you were able to play the first 21 levels of challenges without having to create an account. Now, you have to sign up for a 30 day trial for your students. It is still a great website with clear instructions and step by step help for your students. It is a great way to incorportate writing lines of code in your classroom.  

I really enjoy integrating coding into my classroom and these three websites are my classes' favorites. Do you have any to add to this list? Leave me a comment and let me know. 

I'm working on writing more detailed blog posts about each of the three websites that I mentioned above. Please look out for them in the near future. 

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