Hey y'all!  I'm here today to share with you a super simple daily activity that I use to help my students practice telling time.  I love having my students practice telling time consistently to build fluency.  It does take practice and also a little motivation.  Here is what I use to help my students practice telling time...

Each day, I have a time written on the board in both analog and digital forms.  I make sure that I pick a time that we are in the classroom.  The first student to "politely" tell me that it's the magic time, gets a small reward.  We have stamps in our school, so that is what I use with my students.  Sometimes, the students miss the magic time and that is ok.  I just keep the same magic time on the board, until someone correctly identifies the magic time.  The kids LOVE it and I love that they are getting authentic practice telling time.

What to try out magic time in your classroom?  You can grab this free printable here.

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