Scratch Coding with Geometry

This past school year was my first year as a full-time technology teacher but I know the struggle is real when trying to integrate technology. Time is tight and it can be a hassle at times to fit it all in! However, the best part of technology is that it is super engaging and can enhance ANY lesson. Today I want to share with you guys how to integrate coding into a math geometry lesson. My third, fourth and fifth graders LOVED this lesson! I even created a video lesson for you to share with your class!

I created this lesson as an enrichment lesson to get students practicing angles, coordinates and geometry. I decided to focus on squares and rectangles and then challenge my students to create other shapes on their own. Here is the video lesson that you can share with your students.

I also created a Spirograph lesson that is the follow-up to this lesson. My students were super creative and created some awesome Spirograph designs using shapes and angles. I will definitely create a video of that for you guys in the near future.

I love using Scratch in my classroom with my students. I would love to hear how you use Scratch in your classroom.

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