Teaching With Intention: Chapter 2 {Beliefs and Practices}

Today I'm link up for chapter 2 of Teaching With Intention.  This chapter is all about defining beliefs and aligning practices.  I love how Debbie Miller started off the chapter by describing that the ideal classroom described in chapter 1 didn't start that way in August.  I truly enjoy the beginning of each school year because you are really starting off with a clean slate.  New kids, new room, new expectations for the upcoming year.  We all start off fresh each year (well...if you are looping that is totally different) and we need to have a vision for how that new classroom will look and run.

My first school district that I worked at had a scripted reading program.  I HATED it with a passion!!  I remember thinking that a one size fits all program wasn't meeting the needs of all of my students.  I needed the freedom to tailor instruction to match how each of my students learned.  I LOVE this quote from chapter 2. 

Isn't it perfect?!?!

So I definitely know that one of my beliefs is that each child learns differently and I need to meet them where they are.  In chapter 2, Debbie Miller suggestions to reflect and to reflect often.  As a teacher, I don't think I do this enough.  I love using common assessments and quick checks but sometimes I don't find the time to really reflect over the results.  I NEED to find the time!!

Debbie Miller suggestions to write down your reflections and then use those to define your beliefs.  I have a set of beliefs already but this school year I want to edit them based on my reflections of my current classroom.  Then, I can use those belief statements to guide my work in my current classroom.  If a certain practice isn't aligning to those beliefs, then I need to toss it out.  

I'm totally guilty of doing what Debbie Miller explained in chapter 2.  During read alouds, I often want my students' thinking to align to my own thinking.  I need to stop and let them have more conversations about their thinking.  It just makes so much sense!!  I truly want my students to develop into independent thinkers.  That won't happen if I do all of the thinking for them.

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