Tell all Tuesday: Two Truths and a Lie {All About Me}

Today I'm linking up with Teach, Talk, Inspire and My Day in K for their weekly Tell all Tuesday linky.  This week is Two Truths and a Lie!  I love that game!  I think it will be a super fun way to get to know some of your favorite bloggers.

Here is how we'll play...

In my blog post, I will tell you guys three "facts" about me.  Two of the facts will be true and one will be a lie.  In the comments section, you guys can guess which ones are true and which one is the lie.  Then on Friday, I'll come pack and let you guys know which fact was the lie.

Sounds like fun doesn't it?!?!  Let's get started...

Ok friends, let me know in the comments which one you think is the lie!  I'll come back on Friday and let you know!!

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  1. #1 You are not the only girl????

  2. Even though you do live in Texas, I'm going to say you don't speak fluent Spanish. :) Tickled Pink in Primary

  3. Hey, Stephanie! I think #3 is the lie, although it reminded me that when I was little, I auditioned to be in the movie The Little Rascals! I should have added that one! Oh well. Head on over and check out what truths and lies I did write up!

    Teaching In A Nutshell

  4. I am guessing #1 is your lie. So fun!!

  5. Number 3 is super cool! I think #1? I can't wait to see the truth! It was great to know a little about you! Muah!


  6. We would love to know what show you auditioned for. We are children of the 90's so we are hoping it was "Singled Out"! ;0) Ha! We are going to guess that you are NOT the only girl in your family.

    We are looking forward to stopping back by on Friday to read which one of these is not true.

    Best wishes,
    Ashley and Brooklynn

  7. All 3 of yours are good. Hmmm...I'm going with #3, audition for a show, maybe yes, MTV maybe No?? Great to "meet" you.

    Luv My Kinders

  8. I am guessing #1 is your fib! I think everyone as so point during college wanted to be on MTV or at least thought about it.
    Can't wait to find out!

    It's Kinder Time

  9. Hmmm, I'm going to guess #1. Thanks for taking the time to link up with us! So fun! :)

  10. Hi! I am going to guess #3? Can't wait to hear!
    Mrs B's First Grade

  11. I LOVE your new blog design! The colors just make me want to spend more time here! :)
    I'm thinking you are not the only girl.... So I want to know if you really auditioned for an MTV show!
    Peggy @ Primary Flourish


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