Anchor Chart Storage

I LOVE anchor charts but I dislike when a classroom is so cluttered with anchor charts all over the walls.  I feel like it's super overwhelming for the students.  The other day I shared in my Teaching With Intention Chapter 1 post about a way that I store my anchor charts and I wanted to share a little more about it.

Here is my ELA anchor chart storage from this last school year...

I create anchor charts with my students during our whole group mini lessons.  Then, I add them to our anchor chart wall.  I have taught my students that they can easily flip up the anchor charts to see previous anchor charts that we've made as a class.  After all of my students have mastered a certain concept, I will remove that anchor chart from the wall.  That helps us make sure that only the anchor charts that we need are posted.  I also sort the anchor charts by subject area.  It helps a ton!!

Here is how I created this EASY anchor chart storage.

All you need is....

  1. Your choice of border.
  2. Two clothespins.
  3. Anchor charts to display.

First, I measured around the anchor chart to make sure that my border would show up after I hung up my anchor charts.  

Then, I stapled (you can also use sticky tack) the border up according to my measurements.  

Lastly, I added an extra border just under the top border to attach my clothespins too.  That will ensure that your top border shows up on the top of the anchor charts once you hang them up.

Now, you are ready to clip on your anchor charts.  This is what the finished product will look like...

How do you hang up anchor charts in your classroom?  I would love to hear some other ideas.  Let me know in the comments below.

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