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I'm linking up with Michelle from Fabulous in First for her Sunday Smorgasbord.  I totally wanted to link up last week but I had two super fussy boys and the hubby at work all day.  So today I was thrilled when my 2 year old wanted to sleep in and my 8 month old decided to play happily on the floor in front of me.  Well it's 9:30 y'all and my two year old is still asleep!  That never happens!  Anyways here are some totally random things from my week.

I have a new Sunday night obsession.  Have you seen it yet?  I have to admit that I was a Desperate Housewives girl and when the show ended two years ago my first thought was, "Oh no!  What am I going to watch on Sunday nights?!?"  It was always a good way for me to chill and not think about the upcoming school week.  Well Devious Maids just started, the third episode is tonight on Lifetime, and it's from the creator of Desperate Housewives and Eva Longoria.  I'm totally hooked!  So if you liked Desperate Housewives, you should check out Devious Maids.  Very addicting and it leaves you with a cliffhanger every episode.

No not me yet, December for me :(.  But my husband is turning 30 in just a few short weeks.  I'm trying to plan some simple and fun things for the boys and I to do for him.  I have no ideas right now though.  What are some things people did for you or someone you know when they turned 30?

The boys and I had a very restful week.  We spent the week with my parents, who live about two and a half hours southwest of us.  We were able to go swimming, see some fireworks, and I was able to cuddle with my 3 week old niece.  She is such a snuggle bug!

I just started the 30 Day Squat Challenge and boy am I sore.  I'm on Day 4 and yesterday was my day of rest.  I'm not as sore today but after doing a few sets, I'm starting to feel it again.  I'll have to build some confidence and have some results to show before I show my before picture.  Hopefully, I can share soon.

I just finished my ABC QR Code Station and I'm pretty proud of it.  I think it will be perfect for my Spanish speaking kiddos that are learning their alphabet in English.

It's the perfect way for the kiddos to self check themselves while I'm holding my guided reading groups.  I know they will get a kick out of searching for the letters.  I'm totally going to hide some under tables and desks!

Thanks for reading about my totally random week!  

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