July Currently

Is it really almost July?  This summer is flying by!  I'm linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her famous Currently.  This is my first Currently and I'm super excited.  I love reading everyone else Currently and now I'm ready to write my own.

Listening:  My house is pretty quiet right now.  Both of my boys are sleeping and my husband is at work, he works nights and I hate it!  I can hear my 8 month old snoring and his nature sound machine.  He doesn't like quiet, so we've found one of the only was to get him to sleep through the night is the sound machine.  MAGIC :).

Loving:  QR Codes!  I made a back to school one earlier and right now I'm working on one for beginning sounds.  I'm in LOVE with using them as a station and I know my kids will be too.  Here is the one I'm working on right now.  What do you think?

Thinking:  What I want to do tomorrow with my 2 year old?  Today we went to one of his friend's birthday party and he had a blast.  I'm thinking of looking on Pinterest to find an inside activity for us to do tomorrow.  One of my facebook friends did paint in a bag...maybe I'll try that.

Wanting:  I would LOVE to go swimming tonight.  There is just something so refreshing about going swimming at night.  I use to work at Schlitterbahn during the summers and that was my favorite thing about being a Supervisor.  We had nightly meetings on Sunday nights and most of the times we had an activity in the water.  People hated them because we would have to swim against the current but I loved it.  After we just got to relax and talk in the water, it was my favorite.

Needing:  I have a load of laundry in the dryer and a load in the basket that I really need to fold.  I hate folding!

Tips:  Take time to enjoy all the little things with your family.  I do love listening to them breathe when they are sleeping.  I also love how my little one can still fit nicely on my chest and I love having tickle fights with my two year old.  My boys are growing up too fast and the blogging, creating, and house work need to come after them.  That is why I love blogging at night when they are asleep and creating early in the morning.

Well that is my Currently for July.  I do wish this summer would slow down...I am LOVING spending time with my two boys.


  1. Hi Stephanie! You sound like me when it comes to laundry! I do not mind placing it in the washer/dryer but it seems insulting to me to have to fold it, too! LOL! I need to fold laundry, too but I am just sitting here blogging away since it's been a while and like, you... my boys and family came first! They are asleep and my husband is working, too!

    Hope you find an enjoyable activity to do with your little ones! Enjoy them and the summer! Your QR codes look great!

    First Grade and Flip Flops

  2. I just remembered that I need to fold clothes too. It never ends : ) I like your QR codes papers--it looks fun!
    Kids Math Teacher


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