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I had so much fun joining the Ten Pin Linky party this morning, that I decided that I wanted to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her very famous Five for Friday.  I've been reading almost everyone's week and I'm super excited to finally be able to link up.


1.  On Monday, my husband and I finished moving the last of my school stuff to my new classroom.  I had been in that room for 4 years and had some great times and some pretty low times.  It was hard to turn in my key knowing that I wouldn't be back in the same room next year.  I am looking forward to next year, a new grade level, and finally being in the main building.  I've been at 2 schools and 3 different grade levels and I've ALWAYS been in an outside building.  Isn't that funny!  Now I'll finally not have to worry about leaving my keys in my room and being locked out.  Plus my new room is bigger!!  Here are some pictures of my empty room.

2.  I took a really neat class this week called iCreate on a Mobile Device.  It was a class that my district held but the instructor was an educator who works for Apple.  I know dream job!!  I learned about this new app that I can't wait to use with my Second Graders.  It's called Haiku Deck.  The kids can create slide presentations on just about any topic.  I was also thinking they could use them to publish their writing and since I'm teaching in the Dual Language program the kids could make slides of vocabulary words in either language as a tutorial for others.  It would have the picture and then the word in both English and Spanish.

The app lets you add your own pictures or you can search for pictures in the app.  Really great and simple for our primary kiddos.

3.  This little guy learned how to stand up in his crib.  Yikes!!


He's been pulling up for a few weeks now but this week was the first time he did it in his crib.  So we had to lower his crib (sad face)...they grow up too fast!

4.  This year my next door teaching neighbor retired (super duper sad face).  She is the one that encouraged me over and over to join TpT until I finally did.  I owe her a lot!  Anyways, I got to see her this week because she is borrowing our bumbo for her niece that is visiting.  She gave us a gift card to Chick-fil-a as a thank you, so we took our boys today.  Mason was really excited, he kept saying nuggets almost all the way there.  Poor Maddox all he got were some cheerios.  Here are my two little boys.

5.  I spent a lot of time creating and working on my blog this week.  It's been a ton of fun meeting new teaching friends and learning new things.  I added a pinterest hover over button and a new "add my button" button!

Thanks for reading my very first Five for Friday!  Check out my last blog post for a classroom management freebie.


  1. I'm your newest follower thanks to the Doodle Bugs Linky Party. My little one is to the point where she will be walking any day! It is so exciting but sad at the same time! And I agree, the time goes SO quickly!

    1. Mine too ... my first was taking steps at 9 months and full out walking by 10 months :(. Today we little one started to take steps by pushing a push toy. Not long now ... I guess both of my boys are just early walkers.

      Thanks for following :).

  2. Hi Stephanie! Your little boy is adorable! I just found your blog, I’m your newest follower!
    Science for Kids Blog

    1. Thanks Sue! He is such a happy baby, I'm so excited to spend the whole summer with both of my boys.

      Thanks for following, I'm new to teacher blogging and I'm having such a fun time linking up and meeting new teachers :).

  3. I have 2 boys, too! I am looking forward to spending time with my little ones over the summer as well!

    Your newest follower!
    First Grade and Flip Flops

    1. Awww I see them in your picture! I just love having boys. Everyone always asks if I want to try again for a girl but I always say no I love my two boys! I do have a brand new niece, 2 weeks old. I can spoil her with all the pretty girlie stuff :).

      Thanks for following me.


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