I'm Dreaming of a Cute New Classroom

I'm sorry guys but this blog post is probably going to be short and sweet.  I've been sitting in GT training for the last 2 days (6 hours each day) and I mentally exhausted.  I've been trying to finish my Back to School stations and my mind literally can't take any more.  I now understand how important those Brain Breaks are for my students.  

Ok, first I want to share my classroom colors and theme.  For the last oh let's say five years, my classroom colors have been primary.  It just felt comfortable and simple and well me, so I stuck with mostly blues and reds with yellow and green scattered in the mix.  Well this year I found this fabric and BANG I'm totally going outside of my primary colored comfort zone.  Here is my inspiration.

Sorry Facebook Fans, I know you saw this a few weeks ago.  There is also a mustard and teal blue color in this fabric but it doesn't appear in this picture.  I'll take a better picture tomorrow.  I'm using this fabric to recover some pillows and make a curtain to hide some of my ugly open cabinets.  I also found some solid colored fabric that matches this that I will use to recover some of the other pillows that I have.  I like mixing solids and patterns.

Today the hubby and I went to Target after my class and I picked up a few things from the Dollar Spot.  Here is one of my finds.

Since my room will have some chalkboard accents, I think these will be perfect in my Writing Center.  I think they will house some markers or highlighters and some special writing pens.  I'm going to label them with chalk and then seal it with Mod Podge, so the kids can't erase the label.  That will work right?  I think it will...hopefully.

I found a few more things but for some reason the photos aren't in my Dropbox and my phone is charging, so you'll have to check back tomorrow to see what else I found for my classroom.

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