Ten Pin Linky Party: Math PINspiration

I'm linking up this week with Ashley Reed over at Just Reed for her weekly Ten Pin Linky Party.  This week is Math PINspiration.  I'm a day late to this party but better late than never ... right?!? 

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Now for my Math PINspiration....

1.  This next year my district has adopted Math in Focus (Singapore Math) as our curriculum.  This is the first year we have had a set curriculum.  One of the key concepts of Math in Focus is using Bar Models to represent part,part, whole.  They are also used in problem solving to solve the unknown.  I found some wonderful pins on how to use them during stations.  My favorite one is using Legos to solve.  This idea is from All About Legos.

2.  I also found that Kimberly Geswein has a Bar Models font.  I downloaded it and I can't wait to create some products for math stations.

3.   I'm super lucky to have an Activboard in my classroom and I use it a ton in Math.  One of the kids favorite things is the Math Illuminations website.  They love using it during workstations.  

4.  These will just make my life so much easier!  I'm very OCD and these will work so much better then the Ziploc baggies I've been using.  Thanks Bomb-Diggity Classroom for this idea!

5. I LOVE these place value initials from Bishop's Blackboard.  I think this would be great for the first couple of weeks of school.

6.  The kids are always asking what time is lunch? specials? recess?  Now the important times are always visually displayed.  Perfect!

7.  Did anyone ever play "Guess Who"?  My BFF and I did all the time.  This is a little spin on it and the kids guess the number.  I think you could also do this whole class and the kids could use a 100s Chart to help them guess.  This idea is from Classe Grenadine.

8.  I think Amy Lemons has several fantastic math ideas.  Wouldn't you just love to be a student in her class?  I know I would!  I just love her math anchor charts.  I couldn't pick just one that I liked, so I decided to pick both her Multiplication and Division anchor charts.  Her lessons that go with them are great!!

9.  My friend Amanda made these two super heros "Addition Allie" and "Subtraction Sammie" to help kids know when to add and when to subtract.  I did these with my firsties last year but mine didn't turn out anywhere near as cute as hers.  

10.  Since I'll be teaching Math twice next year, I've been looking at different Math Walls.  I'm in awe of all the work that Reagan Tunstall has done.  Have you seen her new math teacher resources...aMAYzing :).  I love how she has essential questions.

Ok, well those are my top 10 math pins.  I have them nicely organized in my new "Math" board.  I use to have them all in one "Classroom" board but this has really helped me feel more organized pinterest wise :).

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  1. When I started out I had only one teaching board and then quickly realized that I needed to divide it out more. :) Love your pins.


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