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I was over the moon excited when I got paired with Jaime from Bright Concepts 4 Teachers for the Trade and Grade Blog Hop.  I mean how AWESOME is she??

Today I will be sharing with you about how I used her Martin Luther King Jr. Activities with my second graders.  I can't even begin to describe how much fun I had grading her product and being her trading partner!

My kids LOVE making paper bag books, so I was so ready to try Jaime's MLK book with them.  They decided that they wanted to use colors and markers for this book.  They turned out really good!

I had the kids fold their own paper bag book, they just have to fold two paper bags in half, and then I stapled the books together.  When it was time for the kids to assemble their books, I realized I hadn't made an example.  Yikes!  I had to think fast, so I was super happy that Jaime included pictures of the paper bag book in her product.  I just projected them onto my activboard and put them at 125% for all the students to see.  Perfect!!

Another cool feature of these MLK paper bag books is the fun fact tabs!  The kids loved reading them and then putting them in the open flaps of their book.

After the kids made their paper bag books, they really enjoyed reading them!  I loved that the text was just right for my second graders and the font was perfect for them to read it easily.

After reading our paper bag books and reading the included nonfiction text about MLK, I put the True and False Sort in a workstation.  The kids were very good at remembering what they had learned but a few wanted to re-read the text.  That is so great that they remember to check for understanding on their own!  The vocabulary cards really helped my kids too!

There are so many more activities included!  My kids are still working on the writing part of this pack.  Jaime included a writing prompt, graphic organizers, and also a craftivity.  I can't wait to see my kids' finished writing products!

Want to try out part of Jaime's MLK Activities for yourself?  Click on the picture below to download this MLK True and False Flap Book.

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Click the product cover below to check out all of the activities in Jaime's TpT store.

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  1. You made my heart skip a beat, Stephanie! Thank you so much for all your kind words. I am THRILLED that your kids loved all the activities. I think it was a BRILLIANT idea to project the steps to assemble the books for your students. I am going to do that next year for sure! It was a blast being your Trade and Grade partner! -Jaime


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