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Today I'm linking up with Great Minds Teach Alike for her monthly Tech Talk blog hop.

Yesterday I shared how I used Edmodo in my classroom during guided reading.  If you would like to read that post first, you can click on the blog button below.

First..."What is Edmodo?"  Well....Edmodo is an online social community where teachers and their students can safely communicate, complete assignments, quizzes, and share links or files.  It's super safe because you are in your own little protected garden.  Only people with your group code or people that you connect with can see and respond to the content that you share.  I do have to teach my kids not to give out their username and password.  We also talk about internet safety and procedures on how to communicate appropriately.

Today I thought I would share more about how I use Edmodo in my classroom for word work practice.

My kids can get super bored with our word work station from time to time, so I wanted to try incorporating technology with word work.

The easiest activity that I love to do using Edmodo and word work, is to post a phonics video from You Tube.  The kids get their netbook or iPad and log into Edmodo.  In their group, I'll have posted a link to the video and a short question for them to answer after the video. 

For this one, the kids watched a silent e video a few times and practiced by writing down the words in their journal.  Then I asked them to share a few of the words that end with a silent e in the comments.  Super easy and engaging!

Another activity that I wanted to share, can be done as a check for understanding after your students complete their word work lesson in guided reading.

For this one, I taught my students about compound words during guided reading and we found them inside the book that we were reading.  Before I finished with this group, I instructed them to log into Edmodo to take a short compound word quiz.

The quiz was just 4 short questions....

This helped me see which students had mastered compound words and which needed more help.  You can also grade quizzes and they are a great way to keep track of data.  The students complete their quiz after guided reading during our workstation time.  I do give them a few days to finish though, but it really depends on the length of the quiz.

Those are a few of the ways that I incorporate technology and Edmodo into my word work station.

I would love to continue this Edmodo series on my blog.  What are some other things about Edmodo that I should blog about?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Great post! Thanks so much for linking up very informative!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. Many teachers on my team use Edmodo, but I've already had so many changes this year that I am hesitant to give it a try. Since I already do a lot of the things that Edmodo does, I think this will be a perfect fit because everything will be organized in one place, rather than me sending e mails, updating our class website, etc. Thank you again for the inspiration!


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