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Happy New Year!  I'm linking up with the wonderful ladies from Primary Possibilities to share some ideas for the new year.

Before I left school for winter break, my teaching partner and I discussed that we both wanted to work on our kids written comprehension responses after reading.  I feel like they write down enough to answer the questions but often can't really explain with evidence from the text.  Anyone else feel the same?

This year my kids are LOVING informational animal texts.  I decided to start writing some animal texts for them to respond to and to respond using evidence.

I love how she labeled her picture "arctic fox in the summer" and was even able to point out in the text where it explains that arctic foxes have brown fur in the summer.  She highlighted the evidence in the text on her own.

The skills that I'm focusing on in this Arctic Informational Text Unit is fact writing, answering questions with evidence from the text (I have my students highlight in the text where they found the answer), and main idea/supporting details.  There are 7 animals for them to read about and I'll be putting them in a reading station for the new year.

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You can also check out the Arctic Fox Informational Text freebie by clicking HERE.

My goal is to model for my students how to find the facts in the text and then how to record our thinking.  I think slowing down the process will really help them respond with evidence from the text.  I will also be using these graphic organizers to help model for my students a way to record our thinking by taking notes.

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My plan is to create more of these informational animal text units for my kiddos.  I know it will help improve not only their comprehension but their written responses too.  I can't wait to share more units with you guys in the new year.

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