Currently February 2015

Today is the first day of a brand new month and that means it's time to link up for Farley's Currently.  It's been super exciting the last few months because I've been posting in time to make the first page of the link up.  Let's hope that continues :).

LISTENING - A few months ago my sister found us a train table and box full of train accessory on Craigslist for FREE.  My youngest son, Maddox, is all about the trains right now.  We even found a train museum at the mall that is open on Saturdays and he loves to go.  One of the trains that we found in the box was a small motorized Percy and he carries that thing around everywhere!  The bad thing was that Percy didn't come with any tracks and so Maddox was just running him on the floor.  On Friday at HEB, I was thrilled to find a set of tracks and a motorized Thomas too.  Both of my boys have been playing with it non-stop.  I'm one happy mommy!

LOVING - I LOVE Jazzercise, but these last few months I have found every excuse not to go.  I'm so ashamed and I've packed on several holiday pounds.  I'm loving that this month Jazzercise has a challenge.  I will need to attend 30 classes in the next 35 days.  My class for today is at 4:10!  I'll be posting some updates and how I'm doing on my Instagram, so make sure you follow me @TheLearningChambers.  Plus, look how cute this tank is!

THINKING - I think the boys and I will go ride the zoo train today!!

WANTING - If we want to ride the train, the weather will need to stay nice.  The news said it would be raining today, but so far it is bright and the sun is out.  I'm so wanting the weather to stay just like it is this morning!

NEEDING - I'll be go to the TCEA conference in Austin on Wednesday - Friday, so I really need to write my sub plans for those three days.  Which leads me to my pageant title....

PAGEANT TITLE -  I wait till the last minute to do everything!  I hope that I'm not alone.  If it wasn't that it would be Queen of Being Fashionably Late or Queen of Leaving Super Long Voice-mail Messages.

Thanks for reading my Currently February!  Now, make sure you head back to Farley's blog to link up with your Currently.


  1. I am also the Queen of Procrastination! I don't know about you, but I do my best work at the last minute! It's cold and rainy here, so I hope the weather stays nice for you and your boys!

    Fabulous Fun in Grade 1

  2. I totally wait till the last minute for things too! I work best under pressure I think! :-)
    Hope your weather stays nice today!
    BigTime Literacy

  3. Oh I SOOO remember those train days! My 2 boys were also OBSESSED with Thomas and we had sooooo many trains!! Have you even done the Day out with Thomas where you can ride a train that he pulls? Such fun memories :)

  4. This is the second Procrastination based pageant title I've seen on this currently - It's my third currently! I hope your weather stays nice, mine is supposed to get bad and I'm hoping it will - SNOW DAY! I hope you get everything done, and everything done and enjoy your Sunday!


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