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Ok, so I've been horrible at updating my blog.  I mean the worst!  Can you believe my last post was from August?  I blame it on starting a new grade level.  I love Second Grade but it's been keeping me so busy!

Anyways, it's one of my favorite times of year Read Across America Week.  Every year, I cook green eggs and ham with my kids and make oobleck.  They LOVE it!!  I also love just celebrating how fun reading is.

So, I've decided the best way to jump back into blogging is to join a weekly linky!  The ladies over at Primary Chalkboard are hosting and you can link up by clicking on the linky button at the top of this post.

Up first is my favorite children's author...

I was super lucky to meet my favorite author, Judith Viorst, just a few short weeks ago.  I love all of her books and how easy they are for the kids to make text to self connections with.  I mean who hasn't had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!

She also has a set of early reader chapter books that my Second Grade girls are loving!  They are about a spoiled little girl named Lulu and they are super fun.


My all time favorite book is...


I still remember listening to this book when my Kindergarten teacher read it aloud.  I thought it was so funny when Sylvester wished to be a rock and then he was "stone-dumb".  I still laugh out loud when I hear it!

My students' favorite book is ...


This is a new book for me but so far this is the book that my Second Graders have loved the most.  We learned about legends a few weeks ago and I ran into this book.  It tells the story of how crows become black and why they make the cawing sound.  They were on the edge of their seats!

And last but not least my boys' favorite book...


My boys love construction vehicles and this is the book that they request the most.  It's the perfect way to say goodnight to my two little boys.

I hope you enjoyed listening to my favorites and my kids favorites.  Remember to link up by clicking on the linky button at the top of this post and share your favorite author and books.

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  1. She is an amazing author! I also love her new LuLu series. Thanks for sharing.
    More Than Math by Mo


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