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Today is all things Seuss....

The kids and I started to celebrate all things Seuss today because I was out sick yesterday.  Ugh strep throat is the worst!

This week in LA I started my drama unit and I had to be a little creative with tying that together with Seuss!  We decided to do a little reader's theater Dr. Seuss style.  The kids are still working on their rough drafts, but I must say I'm in love already.  Here is one that I just love!

I love that the mouse says, "Squeak, squeak, eat the food!" I accidentally cropped it out but the fox talks at the bottom and says, "Please eat with me!"  I laughed and told this group that the fox should say, "Ring ring ring a ding ding!"  They thought it was funny anyways!

The kids will continue writing out their scripts and will then practice acting out their plays during the rest of the week.  They have already said they are super excited to make masks and perform their play on Friday.  I love when they are this excited about reading and writing!

We are also dressing up each day this week to celebrate a different Dr. Seuss book.  Today was Oh, The Places You'll Go!  The kids had to wear either a destination shirt or a college shirt because we are all college bound :).  Next year, I'll have to get a cute destination shirt to wear.

I have a few more things Seuss that I would love to share but I'll save them for my post on Friday. 

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