Move It, Move It - Day 2 (5 Organizational Tips from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom)

Hi Friends!

My name is Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom and I am thrilled to be guest blogging for Stephanie while she is away. Like Stephanie, I teach second grade so the Learning Chambers is on my list of top blogs to visit weekly. 

Today I'll be sharing my secrets on moving your classroom whether your switching rooms, moving to a different grade level, or transitioning to a different school. I think many of us can be guilty of putting organization off until the last minute because we want to cherish those final moments with our students. That's why I'd like to share 5 organizational tips that will help you when venturing off to your new classroom.

Before we get started, I'd like to share a set of free word wall labels that will help you set up your new classroom word wall. You can find it on my TpT store here. 

Here we go!

Tip 1: Purge Before Packing
This does not mean throw away those wonderful resources! Before teaching second grade, I taught kindergarten for four years. As I packed to move into a new classroom, I gave away some of my younger materials to other teachers so that they could use them. Many of my fellow teachers have also done this for me... It's the life cycle of educational materials!

Tip 2: Level Your Books
Leveling your books takes a long time and can be challenging as your trying to move! If your pressed for time, you can ask a parent to come in to use Scholastic's Book Wizard to help you. 

Have the parent separate the books by level by placing them in bins for you! It is such a time saver and this can be a money free way that parents can contribute to the classroom! 

Tip 3: Take Photos of Your Room
Do you have certain areas of your room that you L.O.V.E.? I bet the answer is yes! When you in the midst of unpacking boxes photographs can put your mind at easy and give you a visual of your old but beloved classroom.

Tip 4: Neatly File in Boxes
Moving to a new room really motivated me to get my files in order. During the school year I would stick things in files and set them in my filing cabinet but when I knew I'd be moving down the hallway, I was able to get myself better organized! 

I suggest  taking a few boxes and putting your files in order in those boxes so that you can easily place them in your new filing cabinet. 

Tip 5: Label a Box "Desk"
This last tip is my favorite and in my opinion, essential. Having one box labeled "Desk" will be easy for you to find so that you can put your materials away quickly. Even if your classroom still needs a few finishing touches during Back to School Week, you'll at least have your desk essentials neatly put away. 

Remember that moving to another classroom is a new journey in your career. While it can seem overwhelming, make sure that you remember this time can be exciting! You're moving into a new room and will make new memories with your new students! 

I loved guest blogging and would like to stay in touch with all of you fabulous teachers! I would love if you would follow me on Facebook, my blog, Mrs. Dailey's Classroom to continue our meaningful conversations, and over at TpT to grab more free resources as they are updated weekly! Right now the blog is being created but will be up and running mid-July. I hope you have a great summer and settle into your classrooms nicely this fall! 


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