Move It, Move It - Day 1 (Classroom Library Organization)

Welcome teaching friends!  I'm beyond excited to start off this weekly blogging party.  My family and I are moving this week and I wanted to leave you guys with some exciting tips and a few freebies from a few of my blogging friends.  They are going to share their experiences with moving and a few organizational tips to help after your classroom move.  They have some AWESOME tips and freebies planned for you guys.

Here is what this week will look like ....

Day 1 (July 1st) - Tips on how to organize your new class library from ME :)
Day 2 (July 2nd) - Five Tips to Make Moving Easy from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom
Day 3 (July 3rd) - Before and After Moving Tips from Teachers Are Terrific
Day 4 (July 4th) - Organizing Math Centers and Manipulatives from Anchored in Learning
Day 5 (July 5th) - DOs and DON'Ts of Moving from My KinderGarden
Day 6 (July 6th) - Storage and Organizing Tips from Planet Happy Smiles
Day 7 (July 7th) - Link Up with your favorite Organizational Tip or Pin

So, first up is my post about organizing your new classroom library.  I hope you enjoy it!

I've moved to four different classrooms, and last year I moved from First Grade to Second Grade.  I moved from being in a downstairs room to being in an upstairs room.  It was a difficult move!  Thank goodness my school has an elevator!  My only request for this school year was to not move again!  I'm very blessed to be staying in Second and I will have the same amazing partner!

When I moved into my new classroom, I was a little overwhelmed because there were a lot of classroom books!  In all my years of teaching, I have had to deal with hardly any books so it was a good surprise.  I just had to figure out how to organize them.  A lot of the classroom books were already leveled, so I decided to have a section of leveled books for station time.

I found these book boxes in the Target Dollar Spot and they are pretty sturdy.  They lasted all year and are still in great shape!  I will definitely be using them again.  I printed out some labels and glued them on using Modge Podge.

Then, I put Modge Podge over the top to seal them down and I had a box to put all of the level 18 books.  They dry on clear and the students aren't able to peel them off.  Perfect! When the kids were picking a book during stations, they clipped their clothespin to the outside of the box.  It helped them put their book back in the correct box.  I'm sad because I don't have a picture of their clips, but I will definitely remember to take one next year.

Here are the labels that I used for my book boxes.  I hope you like them and can use them in your classroom.

Thanks for joining me for Day 1 and I hope to see you back tomorrow for Day 2!

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