Yay Summer!  My break actually started last Friday, but I had a week full of professional development last week.  To kick off my summer break, I decided to link up with A Classroom Full of Smiles to share my three summer goals.  I would love to read your goals too, so click on the blog button above to link up.

Goal #1:  Spend a lot of time with my two boys.

My favorite part of summer is that I get to be a stay at home mom for a little while.  I wish it could be longer, so I soak up all the time that I'm blessed with.  Right now Maddox is just starting to really talk, and Mason and I are working hard to learn our letters.  Here are two fun and simple crafts that we've done this summer.  The boys really enjoyed the chalk road.

Goal #2:  Continue on my weight loss journey and start to work out.
I started Weight Watchers in late January, and I've done great with changing my eating habits.  I now need to add in the working out part.  I would love to make a weight loss goal, but I think more importantly I want to start a work out routine.  I'm in this for the long run and to change my lifestyle.  I think I need to get a FitBit.  Do you have one?  Is it worth it?  I need some advice :).

Goal #3:  Continue to grow my TpT business.

I started TpT a little over a year ago and it's been a super fun ride.  I would love to connect with more teachers and add to my store.  My family is trying to purchase a house in the near future, and I know TpT will help us do that.  I've created a to do list for my store, and I know with some hard work I can get it done.


This summer is going to be amazing but busy!  I'm a super blessed mommy to spend so much time with my two little boys.  Happy Summer!

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  1. Oh my! Your boys are AHHH-dorable! I want to lose weight as well. Good luck to you and happy summer!


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