Camping Stories and a Giveaway

I'm two weeks into my summer vacation and I'm loving it!  The boys and I have done lots of art projects, gone to the pool a few times, celebrated my niece's first birthday, and gone to the park.  We've also gotten some much needed rest!  Isn't that the best part about having a break.

I wanted to preview my newest product, and give you a sneak peek of what I plan to create over the summer.  Plus, stay tunned because there is a giveaway at the end of this blog post.

Last year was my first year in second grade and I loved it.  I love the independence and that I can challenge them a little more than I could with my firsties.  One of things that I plan to do more of next year is to have the kids write more about what they read.  We did a lot of that this year, but I wanted to make it a little more structured.  So, I decided to make sets of short stories with open ended response questions.  If you remember, I did create one for Easter and then I made this one about camping.

Here is a closer look at the printables for one of the camping stories.  You can also find it here on TpT. 

The only thing that is missing is the full page color copy of the story.  My poor printer is out of colored ink!  I included a full page with just the questions that would be perfect to use with the full page color copy.  You could laminate the story and use it year and after year, then you would only need to print out copies of the questions each year.

Here are some of the printables included in the pack...

I printed these out and sent them home with my kiddos to work on over the summer.  I think it would also be great for summer school use.  Here is the cover that I made and sent home with the kids.  I know they will love reading these camping themed stories!

My plan for this summer is to create some nonfiction packs just like this one.  Here are the ones that I have on my list...
  1. Birds
  2. Bats
  3. Rainforest Animals
  4. Desert Animals
  5. Polar Animals
  6. Endangered Animals
Are there anymore that I should add?

And now that you've stuck with me through the whole post, here is the giveaway.  You can win your very own copy of Camping Stories and two products of your choice from my store or you can wait for two nonfiction story units of your choice.  Good luck and happy camping!



  1. I think you should add the topic of the Solar System! My students had fun learning about the space and the planets!

  2. I'd love to win this...pretty sure very few of my second grade students have ever been camping, and one of our stories is Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night in which the family goes camping.

    As for non-fiction, how about spiders? We usually research spiders or bats around Halloween.

    Fingers crossed!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  3. Everyone loves camping! This would be a huge hit in the classroom for our last week.

  4. Would love to see sun and moon specifically. I love the camping unit!

  5. Important People stories, like biographies of MLK, Rosa Parks, George Washington, Barack Obama.

    Katie :)
    KTP: Keep Teaching and Planning!

  6. I would love to see stories about the six major animal groups! Thank you for considering me =).

  7. These look like very engaging stories. Love it! I would love to see things about famous Americans, Pilgrims, American Revolution, Extreme Weather, Famous Disasters, lizards, insects...I could go on. Good luck!

  8. Looks great!!!! I would love to see something on the moon. Thank you for the chance to win!

  9. I love the above suggestions of biographies, pilgrims, & animals. These look wonderful. :) laura.scheunemann

  10. Hi! I would love to see a weather or a life cycles set! I have one more week left of school (second grade) and am trying to finish up my Camping theme! This camping unit looks awesome! Thank you, kath.

  11. This is awesome and would work so well in my camping theme week! I'd love to win it. I would love to see constellations (we don't do the solar system at this level), historical people such as Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, Richard Allen, Garrett Morgan (ones it is hard to find quality engaging info on) or important holidays (Veterans Day, Memorial Day, MLK Day, etc.). Also, spiders to go with your bats as I do both for Halloween. Those are just a few. :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. Your packet looks great! How about: solar system, weather, animals, pumpkins?

  13. You should add Space!!!! :)

  14. I agree with Julie, I would love to see Space!

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