Ok, so I'm a little late but here is a tour of my classroom.  Better late than never....right?!?!

This year I decided to continue with the bright chevron and polka dot patterns, but I added a lot of black elements for a more simple and clean look.  I still have a few pieces that I'm working on....my husband is painting my storage tubs and I'll share some pictures as soon as he finishes :).

First up is my small group table/desk.  I ditched my desk about five years ago, and I haven't gone back!  I love having all of the extra space in my room and the cute little organizational bins that I use instead of desk drawers.

I got these awesome black stools at Jo-ann Fabrics and my kiddos LOVE them!  My goal is to recover my teacher chair, but it hasn't happened yet.  You can also see the bulletin board that I painted.  I used Behr premium paint from the Home Depot and the name of it is Beluga.

Here is a closer look at my organizational drawers.  The labels are editable and they are from Learning in Wonderland and you can find them HERE.


Another one of my favorite parts of my room, is my new focus wall.  I love that my students use it as a reference each day.

The bunting banner is my favorite and I got it from the party aisle at Target.  I got the gum ball machine and strawer dispenser from Amazon.  They dispense erasers and pencils.  My students were not handling the eraser dispenser very well, so the sign says "no erasers today."  Hopefully, they will earn them back soon.  The pencil dispenser label and eraser subway art are from the very talented Hope King.  The turquoise frame is from Michaels.  Also, you can see my black pocket chart for workstations in the corner.  I had a blue pocket chart that I used RIT dye to make it black.

These are my students' math tubs.  Inside the tubs are base-ten blocks, unifix cubes, and some dice.  Later I add a few more things, but for now that is all that is inside.  I got the green tubs at Dollar Tree.

Here is a quick look at my writing table and word wall.  I'm in love with the chalkboard alphabet that is above the bulletin board.  I found the chalkboard writing decal at Michael's.  It came with two handwriting lines, but I cut it in half and it was long enough to fit the whole alphabet.  The word wall headers are also from Hope King.  You can find them HERE.

Here is my students' favorite part of the classroom...the class library.

I only made a few changes this year, I tried to open up the space a little more by taking away some of the shelving.  I also FINALLY found a big book tub.  I was in love with the one that Reagan Tunstall has but I never could find one.  One day, my husband suggested looking at a Supply Store and I found one!  I got this one at Tractor Supply and my hubby spray painted it for me.

I also added a "please read" section to the library.  These are books that I will use during our class read aloud time and that I want the kids to read before hand.  They can read them independently or with a buddy.  It gives them more background knowledge before the lesson.

Last but not least, I wanted to share my table groups.  I changed two main things this year.  Last year, I had huge supply tubs on the tables and they always got in the way.  I found these small pencil trays at Jo-Ann Fabrics and they matched my colors perfectly.  They work great and they can easily be moved out of the way during group work.

I also wrote numbers on the desk this year with a sharpie marker.  Since I teach in a Dual Language classroom, my kids are constantly moving desks and it's easier than writing their names and moving the desk around.  It is perfect for our class!

I hope you enjoyed looking into my classroom this year.  Please visit Just a Primary Girl's linky party to see other wonderful classrooms.


I'm joining Jasmine from Buzzing With Mrs. McClain for her fabulous You Oughta Know blog hop.  I was so excited to join in the hop last month, and I was even more excited to join in again.  Let's get started.

I think you oughta know about....Remind 101.  Do you struggle with sending home reminders to your classroom parents?  I know I did and then I found Remind 101.


It's free to sign up and super super easy to send messages.  The best news is that the parents don't see your phone number, so it is totally safe to use.  Your parents will just text your class code to the phone number given when you sign up.  There is also an app that they can download to receive the messages.

My favorite part is that you can schedule messages to be sent on a certain date and time.  How awesome is that for all of us busy teachers?


I hope you are able to use Remind 101 in your classroom this year.  It has been a real time saver for me!

Now that you've read my You Oughta Know blog post, click on the blog links below to read about other cool things that will help you in your classroom.

I'm so very excited to link up with Farley from Oh, Boy Fourth Grade for her September Currently.  I haven't done a Currently in awhile, and I'm bursting with excitement to finally link up again.  So here goes...

Listening - It has been horrible, friends!  For the past 3 weeks, I have had a constant ringing in my left ear that hasn't gone away.  It has really put a damper on my first week of school.  Apparently, I have fluid in my ear that won't drain.  I did have a tube in that ear but it fell out and now I have to have my adenoids removed.  My surgery is scheduled for Friday and I can't wait to be able to hear out of my left ear again.

Loving - Aren't 3 day weekends the best?  The boys and I went home for the weekend and the hubs and I got to go on a date night.  We went to Alamo Drafthouse to see The Giver.  We even ran into some family members at the same movie!!  My two boys got to enjoy some swim time and they had some bouncy castle fun after church.  It was so relaxing and even though I wanted to work on some TpT stuff, I didn't!  I really needed the away time!

Thinking - Since my surgery is next week, I REALLY need to get some sub plans together.  At least it is a very simple surgery and I only need to make plans for one day :).

Wanting - Sorry that this Currently is all about my wonky ear, but it's been very heavy on my mind.  I hate to wish away time, but I really need to be able to hear again.  Come on FRIDAY!!

Needing - Is it really 10:30....YIKES!!  I need to be in bed soon!

3 Trips -
South Africa - I just got done watching Blended on Friday and I TOTALLY want to visit South Africa.  It's gorgeous!  Plus my sorority sister, Kacy, lives there and I would love to visit her and help with Ten Thousand Homes.  You can read about it here

P.S. If you haven't seen Blended, you have too!  It's the cutest slash funniest movie I've seen in awhile!

Chicago - My BTF (Best Teacher Friend) Amy lives in Chicago and every year I've wanted to go visit her.  This next summer, it's my goal to finally make it a reality.

Paris - It's been on my wish list since forever.  It would just be a romantic place to visit with my hubs.

Thanks for reading my Currently!  I hope you link up as well!

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