Texas Size Link-Up {Organization Tips}

Good morning y'all!  It's Friday ... that totally has a different meaning during the summer doesn't it?!?!  Anyways...this fantastical Friday I'm linking up with The Little Ladybug Shop and Planet Happy Smiles for their Texas Size Link-Up.  This week I'm sharing some organizational tips with you guys.

Tip #1

Do you have to post your daily objectives every day?  I do and I was so so tired of having to write the subject areas over and over again.  I printed out these polka dot labels and then I laminated them.  After they were cut out and ready to go, I attached magnets to the back and then placed them on my dry-erase board.  Now, I have an area to write my objectives for each day.

Click on the photo to grab these FREE labels.

Tip #2

I love math manipulatives but I NEED them to be organized.  I do love the plastic sectioned containers that some teachers store their base ten blocks in but I decided to do something a little different.  I just use ziploc baggies and when they get yucky looking, they are super easy to replace.

We store them in these green tubs that I got at 99 Cents Only Store.  Do they have those anywhere else besides Houston?  The kids have a number and at the beginning of math class, they can easily grab their math tub.

Tip #3

My last tip will help you organize dismissal.  I love my ribbon display chart because the kids can easily move their name when their transportation changes.  And...we all know that transportation changes happen often!

I have them in 8 different color options to match your classroom decor.

Click on the photo to see them in my store.

Ready for the best part?!?!  You can win your very own set of these turquoise labels.  I have them printed out and ready to go for the winner!  I'll also send you the file, so you can type in your students' names on the labels.

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  1. Great Item & tip! Thank you so much for linking up!!!

  2. Love love your blog!!! This is such a great item!!! Thank you for linking up!!!

  3. Those are adorable! Happy to find another Texas Teacher! :)

  4. This is SOOOO helpful and I love the ribbon idea. Makes it easy for a substitute to know how each child gets home too!

    Lisa Prins


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