Currently July 2015 it really July y'all?  What happened to June?  Please summer slow down a bit!  Well...since it's really July, I'm linking up with the fabulous Farley for her July Currently.  Make sure you click on her button to link up yourself.

LISTENING:  I'm multi-tasking tonight and I'm also listening to Greg and Kayla's twitter chat.  It's pretty amazing!  My goal is to use twitter in my classroom next year and have a tweeter of the day as a class job.  How awesome would it be to share all of the positive things going on in each of our classrooms?  Search #gregandkayla to see the previous tweets.

LOVING:  My hubbie has a few days off, I'm super excited to spend some time with him.  Summer is his busiest time at work, so it's always nice for him to have a few days off.

THINKING:  My legs got super burned last Saturday and they are still hurting!  I put sunscreen all over but I totally forgot my legs.  My legs looked like lobster claws!  No kidding!  I was more worried about getting sunscreen on my boys.  Never again!  It's horrible!

WANTING:  I started reading The Fault In Our Stars last summer but I couldn't get past chapter 1.  I totally wasn't in to it!  Then, this summer I decided to try again and now I'm almost finished and can't wait to finish it!  Shh...don't tell me what happens!  I think I KNOW what is going to happen but still don't tell me!

NEEDING:  To eat better!  I've been pretty down lately and I know it's because I've been eating horribly!  I need to quit making excuses and start meal planning again.

ALL STAR:  I'm think I'm a pretty awesome mom!  My goal is to blog more about how I use Tech in my classroom.  Jazzercise is also something that I'm pretty good at!  I just love dancing!


  1. Reading is the best part of summer to me! I never have time during the school year! I start and then I fall asleep before I finish a page! Now it doesn't matter how late I stay up to finish a book! BEST PART OF SUMMER! Take care of yourself! Use your sunscreen! I hear ya on eating better - I was pretty good this week until today. Back at it tomorrow! My girlfriend and I spent 2 days together making crockpot freezer meals for when we go back to school! That should help!

  2. I need to eat better too! I can really tell a difference in my energy level, etc. when I'm not eating very well. I can't wait to read more about how you use tech in your classroom! I'm always looking for ideas to use in my classroom! Tech is NOT my all-star trait. I'm very confident about my own abilities...but I haven't done as much as I could in my own classroom with my Kinder kiddos! I hope your sunburn feels better soon! I got a tad burnt today at the beach...and I'm hoping I can recover quickly! :-)


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