Move It, Move It - Day 5 (DOs and DON'Ts of Moving from The KinderGarden)

Uggg!  I. Hate. Moving.  Does ANYONE enjoy it? Two moves in a 2 month span is 2 too many moves for me!  Hi, my name is Crystal!  Since I HAD to move, I'm joining Stephanie's Move It, Move It! blogging week.  I had just moved houses when I found out I was moving grades!

I am so excited to moving from Kindergarten to 2nd grade next school year.  I absolutely love teaching Kindergarten and hope to return to it someday.  However, I have always  read about some really great activities I would LOVE to do- but not with Kindergarteners.  So when I was told I was moving grades, I was able to negotiate a flip to 2nd!

However, moving grades comes with moving classrooms!  I.Am.A.Terrible.Mover!  My son and I just moved from our previous home to a new one in April so when June rolled around and I was faced with moving again I shuddered.

I have compiled a list of DO's and DON'Ts that will (hopefully) help you move.  (I'll also throw in a freebie!)

DON'T be shy about asking for help!  I had some marvelous helper friends (5 to be exact) who did most of the actual moving.  I stayed in the classroom and sorted stuff out, they loaded it on a big cart and wheeled it down the hall.

DO use the opportunity to be thoughtful about the stuff you take.  My helpers loaded stuff onto a table.  I would pick them up, evaluate them and hand it off with a direction.  "Keep, workroom, home, donate!" were the only words I said.  I was able to get rid of a TON of junk that had not been useful in years!

DON'T forget to check out your new curriculum before going through your things.  Some of the stuff I knew I wouldn't need and donated it to other Kindergarten teachers.  I also found some great things from teaching 1st that will (maybe?) be useful when teaching 2nd!

DO reward your help!  I brought in a great big box of Granny's Doughnuts!  Being good to your help has great rewards.  They worked hard and deserved it.

DON'T cut ties.  I'm sad to be leaving my K team- but they are still going to be a huge part of my life.  They aren't only colleagues, they have become friends.

DO introduce yourself to the new team.  Say Hi.  Bake cookies.   Be a part of the team!  Show your new colleagues that you are prepared to pull your own weight.

DO try to move with some organization!  The room I'm moving into is being painted this summer so everything had to be dumped in the middle of the floor.  I'm the exact opposite of organized so when my helpers (who know me well) put stuff in my new room, they tried to put it in groups.  This way, when I return to start setting up my room, half the battle has been fought!  Since I had filtered through my stuff already, there is loads less to organize.

To sum it all up- be organized, be good to your help, think critically about the things you move.

Since I'm moving to 2nd grade- I made this fact and opinion activity for you!

I hope this information (and freebie) are helpful!  You can follow me on facebook, pinterest, or at my TpT store!  Click on the button below to follow my blog!

(By the way, don't be alarmed if my facebook, blog and TpT store change names!  Since I'm moving grades, I'm in the process of a face lift :))

My KinderGarden
I would also like to say a big THANK YOU to Stephanie for letting me be a part of this awesome week!

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