FarFaria App Review and Giveaway

Last year, I was super lucky to be given a classroom iPad to share with my teaching partner.  I'm always searching for new apps for my second graders, and when FarFaria contacted me last month to review their app I was thrilled!  I love that FarFaria offers a classroom library full of books.  There are sooo many book choices!  I can't wait to share some of them with you....

My boys and I love story-time!  It is our favorite time of day and the interactive stories are just so much fun!  It's so great to have a big variety of books to choose from.  My boys' favorite is The Wheels on The Bus.  The melody is very catchy and they love the bright pictures.  

Mason, who will be four in early November, can easily navigate the app.  He learned quickly that when you tap on the blue auto-play button it will read the book to him.  He loves finding all of the transportation books and adding them to the favorites section.  I have no idea how he figured it out on his own! 

Even Maddox, who is 20 months, tries to tap the screen and figure out the app.  His favorite books are the kitty books.  The Grumpy Cat books are very funny!  He also really enjoys the Peek-a-Boo books because they make the sounds of the animals and cars on each page.

Here are some other cool features of the FarFaria App...
  • Great Variety - There are over 600 different books available in the app and they add 5 new books each week. 
  • Leveled Books -  I really love that the books are leveled.  The books are leveled from level 1 up to level 4.  Most of my second graders would love a lot of the level 4 books, but I do have some students that would benefit from the level 2 and 3 books.  The level is on the front page of each book, and it sorts the books by level too.
  • Read by Myself Option (building fluency) - Although the read-to-me option is super cool, I absolutely love that my students can read the books and turn the pages on their own.  It would be great for my read to self station.  The students can also re-read favorite books to practice fluency.  I love that option as well!
  • Favorite Books (another way to build fluency) - I kinda mentioned it above but I love that you can add books to your favorite section.  I'm always looking for engaging ways to build my students fluency and I know this app is perfect for that.  I know with the variety of books, my students will easily find a favorite book to build their fluency.
You can try the FarFaria app for free by downloading the app here and read one story a day.  I'm also super excited because FarFaria is letting me giveaway a 3 month subscription to one of my lucky readers.

Good luck friends!

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  1. Hi Stephanie! I just found you from the FB thread from today! Love your blog! I just entered your giveaway!! I have a 5 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. :) This looks like an awesome app. I also teach 2nd and LOVE it!! My blog is Mrs.MeGown's Second Grade Safari, www.megownssecondgradesafari.blogspot.com
    Nice to meet you!

  2. Thanks :). This will be my second year in second grade!! I do LOVE it!! I can't wait to check out your blog.

  3. Second Grade is heaven to me! I taught 1st for 3 years...such a difference to have them that one year older. ;) Best of luck to you in the upcoming school year! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)


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