How to Integrate Ozobots with Math {Part 2}

Ozobots are a great way to integrate STEM challenges into your classroom.  They are easy to program and have four different levels for different programming skills.  They are definitely a favorite in my classroom.  This is part two of my ozobot blog series to show you a few different ways that you can integrate ozobots into your classroom.  Here is how I used ozobots in my math lesson to help my students learn and review quadrants and coordinates.

My students were learning about x and y coordinates and the four quadrants.  I decided to have them complete an ozobot challenge centered around that.  I gave the students a piece of grid paper and a checklist.  The students had to find the point of origin and then label the x and y coordinates.  

As part of the challenge, they had to determine the starting part or where their ozobot would start.  Then we used ozoblockly to program our ozobot to complete "tricks" inside of the grid.  The challenge was to make sure that our ozobot stayed inside the grid.  It was a challenge but a fun one!

Do you want to have your students complete this ozobot challenge using quadrants and coordinates?  You can grab this freebie HERE.  I included several different grid paper sizes for easy differentiation and also an easy to follow checklist.  I hope this helps you implement the coordinates challenge into your classroom.

I hope that you were able to find some useful tips and tricks on how to integrate ozobots into your math classroom. Make sure you check out the next blog post in this series. Feel free to leave any questions that you have in the comments below.

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