Week Two: Building Relationships

Hey y'all!  I'm back to link up with Mrs. D's Corner for her Building Blocks of B2S linky.  This week is all about building relationships.

I really do love the beginning of school because I love getting to know my new students.  The first couple of weeks of school, I include several getting to know you and team building activities into my daily lesson plans.  The students really enjoy them and I love learning about each of my new students.

This year, I'm super excited to try these sticky note posters from Confessions of a Teaching Junkie.  My students always LOVE writing on sticky notes!  I've learned that sometimes they write more than they would share out loud.  I know they will be the perfect way to get to know my students a little better.

Another way that I build relationships with my students, is to involve them in our classroom contract.  It's not just my classroom, it's OUR classroom and the students need to be involved in how it runs.  We read books and discuss what should be included in our classroom contract.  We come up with postive statements and then we all sign it.

Lastly, I love hearing about my students' goals for the school year.  We discuss what goals are then we draft out our goals.  It is so much fun to hear about my students' goals!  I also love helping them reach those goals.  Here are some goals that my boys and I wrote down.

How do you build relationships with your students?

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