Take Home Math Kits Review


I was super duper excited when Casey from Second Grade Math Maniac asked me to review her Take Home Math Kits.  My kids could always use more practice with key math concepts, and I knew they would be excited to take these kits home.

The best part is that Casey has made it super easy to get started!  She even included a parent letter, instructional guide, and two different sign out sheets.  Most of the kits are print and go, but a few need either dice or a ruler.  I love that the kits have color, but don't eat up ink!  My printer was very happy too!

Getting Started


When I got the kits, I printed them out right away and decided to put them in a 10x13 manila envelope.  I liked the size because I knew it would easily fit in my kids' backpack.  At first, I only printed out a few kits on math concepts that I had recently taught.  The kids were begging me to send home more kits, so I ended up printing out even more.

I decided to glue the cover on the front of the envelope, and the directions on the back of the envelope.  I even laminated the recording sheets.  That way the kids don't accidentally write on the master copy.  The kids remind me when I need to make more copies.  That makes it super easy to manage the recording sheets.


Keeping Track .... Who has which kit?
I'm a pretty organized teacher, but I do struggle with keeping track of the books that students take home.  I was a little hesitant to get started because I knew that I would forgot which kits went home, and which student took it.  Thank goodness for the math kit sign out sheet!  It has saved my life!  I no longer have to say, "Who has the ....?" 

I placed the sign out sheet on a clipboard and I taught the students how to sign out the kit by finding the name of the kit on the list.  They initial the sheet and fill in the date they took the kit home.  My kids cross off their name, once they have returned the kit.  They do this independently, and it is one less thing I have to manage.  I love that my kids can easily and independently sign out the kits and return them.  It has saved me a lot of time!  What could you do with a little extra time?

My Kids' Favorite Kits
I decided to highlight two of my kids' favorite kits.  They both focus on a math concept that everyone can practice a little bit more...Place Value!


Most of my boys really love Place Value War!  It comes with a set of base-ten block cards that the students use in a war game.  Each student draws a card, and then identifies the number that the base- ten blocks represent.  The student with the highest number gets to keep both cards.  The one with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.  I really love that the recording sheet focuses on greater than and less than.  It makes my heart happy that the kids love this game, because I know they are getting the extra practice that they need.


My kids also love Building Numbers.  Even in second grade, the kids need more practice building numbers and describing them using place value.  In this kit, the students are given a number on a task card that they have to build using the base-ten blocks.  On the recording sheet, the students have to draw the number in a base-ten drawing.  I love this activity because it gives my students the authentic practice that they need in place value.

I've been so happy with all of the extra practice that my kids have received by taking these math kits home.  They have been such a hit with my kids, that they beg to take home more!  Isn't that wonderful!  I love when kids ask to do more math!

Check out these Take Home Math Kits here.  They've been a perfect fit in my second grade classroom, and have really helped my English Language learners.


  1. Thanks Stephanie! I love the pictures in this post! They really make the games look bright and fun! Place Value War is also my boys favorite game. I think the ninjas on the front and the fact that it says "war" are double awesome in their minds. I love hearing that your kids WANT to do math. That is the whole point. Awesome review! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac

    1. Thanks for letting me review your product, Casey. My kids are really loving taking the kits home.


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