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Hi friends!  I'm so sorry that I'm so late to the blog hop party.  My computer decided to stop working on Thursday night, right in the middle of me working on my blog post.  My husband had to completely reimage my computer and it's taken me awhile to get everything together and back in working order.  The good news is that my files were backed up and I only lost a few things.  Anyways, thanks for being patient and understanding about the tardiness of my post.  I hope my post is worth the wait!

October is one of my favorite months!  My favorite shows are just starting, pumpkin everything is back, and the weather is just starting to cool off here in Texas....well at least the mornings are cooler!  

This month, I'm also sharing some tricks and treats with you guys for The Elementary Entourage's Tricks and Treats blog hop.

I also love the month of October because the students have learned the routines and I can focus more on small group instruction.  This year, I'm really working on Math Workshop in my classroom.  I want to make sure that I have math stations that help my students practice concepts that I've already taught. 

I love printable stations but there is just something about simple easy to prep stations.  I love using sentence strip stations because they are easily differentiated.  My students can choose to also use 2-digit and 3-digit numbers by building them with the Uno Cards.  They play with a partner and one partner draws the first card and then the second partner draws the second card.  They record their work in their math workstation journal and I do random quick checks through the week, to make sure they are completing their work.

Now, for a little treat from me!  I absolutely hate spiders but the boys in my class are crazy about them.  We have been working on locating facts in nonfiction texts and these were perfect for them.

Here is the tarantula informational text as a little treat for you guys!  I hope to have all of the spiders available very soon!

Click HERE to grab your treat.

Do you have some tricks and treats to share?  Make sure you link up with us...

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