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Is it back to school time already y'all?  It seems like summer gets shorter and shorter each year!  

Anyways, I'm super excited to be a part of the Back to School Blogger Product Swap hosted by Cara from Cara's Creative Playground.  Click on the blog button above to check out her blog and her awesome clip art! 

Now onto the product swap...

I was super thrilled to get paired with Carie from Adventures In Kinder and Beyond.  She teaches advance Kindergarten and has an AWESOME blog.  You should check out her Monday Made It posts.  She is super creative and crafty!  I love the letter tiles she recently made using basic counters.  I'm totally going to have to make those soon!  Click on her super cute button above to find Carie's blog.

Since I teach second grade, I loved that Carie has so many products that are differentiated.  I start off the year teaching addition and subtraction word problems and I was thrilled to be able to try out Carie's Construct A Story.  Click on the product cover below to check it out.

Since it's summer, I put in my brand new color ink cartridge and printed them out right away.  I have to say that this pack is easy on ink!  My brand new ink cartridge didn't even dip at all!  I even printed out the cover to glue on the front of a manila envelope to make a place for my students to store the cards.  Look how cute and bright the number cards are!  They would fit perfectly in a pocket chart as the students construct their word problem.

The best part is that this product is differentiated.  The students can construct their word problem with higher numbers if they are ready and lower numbers if they need more practice.  It would be super easy for my students to write in their own numbers on a sticky note or index card.

Here are a few word problems that I constructed.  I can't wait to add this to a math station and have my students construct the word problems in a pocket chart.

My son, Maddox, even constructed a few word problems on his own :).  He looks like he is really concentrating hard!

There are two different recording sheets included in this pack for student accountability.  When I put this in a math station, I plan on having my students record two of the word problems that they construct.  I will ask for one addition and one subtraction word problem.  I'm not sure if I'm the only one that does this, but I laminate the recording sheets.  That way my students don't accidentally write on the master copy and they tell me when I need to make more copies.

Now that you've checked out my product swap review, click on the blogger buttons below to read about the other back to school products.

Happy Back to School friends!

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